What we do


Integrated management to improve citizen’s life in the community

The Integrated Management solution primerSMART.CITIES, based on our platform primerCORE, ensures the integrated management of multiple domain assets of municipalities, like real estate (urban and rustic), water, sanitation and solid waste systems, public lighting, green spaces, …

This solution ensures the integrated management of spaces, infrastructures and equipment related to the different areas, using cadastral information, operational information (data, occurrences and alarms) and documents. It supports preventive and corrective maintenance, ensures user mobility and supports the definition of KPI and the development of management dashboards. It also has the ability to integrate, in the same data model and in the same work environment, information that is normally managed by different applications and facilitates regular access to collected data (measured values, occurrences and alarms) from monitoring systems.

The architecture combines SQL and NoSQL databases (Elasticsearch) to support Big Data, with robust services for access and information management, to have the elasticity required to adequately support situations with different dimensions and to be able to grow over time, as and when needed.

Our integrated management platform primerCORE is able to support both vertical and customized solutions for each client. We are able to adapt our platform primerCORE to each client and specific need, designing and implementing different user interfaces, using the gamification technique to engage users in personal and collective goals.


Smart solutions to increase quality of life for all

primerCOG is a technological platform, with a solid scientific basis, which aims to contribute to healthy aging, and responds to the needs for stimulation, maintenance, monitoring and cognitive rehabilitation.

primerCOG platform is targeted at two user profiles – the healthy profile (cognitively healthy elderly adults) and the clinical profile (patients with medical diagnosis, like Cognitive Short Deficit). The aim is to support technicians and clinical specialists (formal social caretakers and health professionals) with an online tool that allows them to follow the evolution of the seniors in sessions of supervised cognitive stimulation, through the presentation of activity results and performance variables.

The activities, scientifically specified, aim to stimulate attention, executive functions, language, memory (work and long term), orientation and visuospatial function; activities, which explicitly stimulate cognitive domain(s), requiring the ability to perform various tasks, such as mental calculation, abstract reasoning, planning and problem solving.